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The team of professionals at Lawngevity know about the pests that lurk under the leaf. We are ready to take on the toughest lawns. Our team of professionals knows how to spot and eliminate problems.

Lawngevity Lawn Care & Pest Control Services in Sarasota, Florida

Lawn Care

We offer lawn care that eliminates turf damaging insects, as well as provides, fertilizer, weed and fungus control.

Shrub, Plant & Tree Care

Shrubs and plants (ornamentals), and small trees need specialized care if you want them to look their best and be healthy.

Fire Ant Control

Our annual fire ant control is a customer favorite, and it’s guaranteed. Call Lawngevity to put the beat-down on stinging fire ants for a full year.

Residential Pest Control

The great thing about our perimeter pest control for the interior of your home is that after the first service appointment the additional follow-ups are done outside forming a bug barrier. Pest control for your home doesn’t have to be an inconvenience.

Palm & Citrus Trees

We are able to recognize disease, insect, and deficiency problems in a variety of trees. Many of our favorite species of palm trees are actually not native to Florida, and they develop nutritional mineral deficiencies. Citrus trees also develop disorders, have many predators, and numerous mineral deficiencies are common. We have special programs for various trees and the challenges they face in our harsh Sarasota area environment.

Tree Injections

Our tree injections prevent pest like the palmetto weevil, scales, and whiteflies from weakening or killing our precious palm trees. We also treat and prevent fungi or bacterial diseases like Lethal Yellows and Texas Phoenix Palm Decline.

Irrigation Programs

We provide regular inspections, adjustments, and general repairs to your irrigation system. With too little water, patches may start to brown in the hot Florida summer. Too much water causes growth of harmful fungi.

“The Best Lawn Care & Pest Control In The Manasota Area”

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