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Shrub & Tree Paradise - Beautiful Ixoras And FernsWhat Compliments A Beautiful Home More Than A Stunning Landscape?

It’s true. A home is not complete without some gorgeous plants and trees. Oh the variety of natural greens on those leaves, and the reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks of those little flowers budding everywhere. But it’s not enough to just plant some bushes and expect the world.

A successful Shrub & Tree Program requires good nutrition and several types of defense. Ornamentals get nutritional deficiencies and have all sorts of pests trying to eat them. That is where Lawngevity takes over.

Ornamentals Need Nutrition And Pest Protection To Look Their Best

Shrubs and plants (ornamentals), and small trees need specialized care if you want them to look their best and be healthy. After all they were planted for their ability to add value to your property. Unfortunately, they are also a tasty food source for some freeloading insects.

Landscape Predators Don’t Stand A Chance

The team of professionals at Lawngevity know about the pest that lurk under the leaf and we’ve been evicting them from our customers properties like it’s a sport. These little almost microscopic sized munchers days are numbered in greater Sarasota.

Mealy Bugs

  • Aphids suck the sap right out of the plant and some excrete a sticky honeydew which is a breeding ground for fungus.
  • Weevils march while munching on greenery quietly singing “we evil, we evil” under there breath. Well, not really, but they should. It’s that bad.
  • Once Scales attack, plants will produce little new growth. Death of an infested plant is possible.
  • Whiteflies feed on the sap and cause leaves to yellow, wilt, and leaf drop. They excrete a substance that promotes the growth of mold.
  • Mealy Bugs make meals of the plant juices of plants and sub-tropical trees. They also harbor diseases harmful to the host.

Our Shrub Care Pest Control Program Controls Them All

Scales Infestation of Asian Cycad

Asian Cycad Covered In Scales

Our beautiful greens don’t flourish and produce flowers and captivating colors when they are too busy using their resources to fight off invaders and repair. Pests rob plants of their nutrition. Survival dictates that, well, they survive. All that “being pretty” doesn’t really matter if something is trying to eat and kill you. I think we can all agree on that.

We have nearly 3 decades of proven experience eliminating these pests from our customers properties. We use effective products for our carefully timed applications. Let Lawngevity save your precious plants, trees, and shrubs.

If You Want Them To Blossom, Give Them What They Need

Palm Infested With Whitefly

The soil generally does not provide the amount of nutrition needed to bring a flowering plant to its true potential. But not any fertilizer will do. Different plants require varying solutions for the unique deficiencies they develop. If a plant has recently had a battle with a pest of some kind they need even more specialized care.

Note: Palm Trees need an even more specialized approach. Go to our Palm Tree Programs page to learn about specific deficiencies and predators, and what we can do about them. Our general Shrub & Tree care is a separate program as palm trees require a very different approach.

We at Lawngevity know how to bring dying or injured plants back to thriving life again. It takes time and the right care for the specific condition. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Add On Our Shrub Bed Weed Maintenance

You’ve Entered A No-Weed-Zone

Weeds rob the soil of precious minerals and nutrients plants need to thrive. Plant roots also get entangled and overwhelmed by weed roots taking over the territory. When you contact Lawngevity, we take the territory back. Our carefully timed application of herbicide is harmless to your plant life, yet eliminates pesty weeds.

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